Varun Tej Taking Rs 8 Crore?

Ever since F3 (the much-awaited sequel to F2) is announced, there has been a lot of speculation about the cast and their remunerations. While initially Varun Tej has demanded about Rs 10 Crore for the sequel almost on par with other leading actor Venkatesh who charges about Rs 12 Crore, producer Dil Raju is certainly distraught and taken aback. Since it is a sequel, director Anil Ravipudi and Dil Raju want both Venkatesh and Varun Tej on board alike F2. The duo is of the opinion that any change in the cast may affect the sequel and audiences expectations on it. So, Raju and Ravipudi were in no mood to budge on the cast.

Usually, Varun Tej charges about Rs 4 Crore to 5 Crore per film depending on the project. But for F3, he demanded double the remuneration. Given the pandemic times, Raju is worried that the film’s budget would shoot up drastically due to remunerations. While director Anil Ravipudi is taking about Rs 10 Crore plus a share in the profits, Venkatesh taking another Rs 13 Crore, now Raju has to convince Varun for a lesser price to cut down the film’s budget. With great difficulty, Dil Raju has convinced Varun Tej to agree to take Rs 8 Crore for the film. While this is certainly a higher price, but Raju needs to pay 8 Cr to get Varun on board.

Since Dil Raju pocketed hefty profits on F2 which was made on a decent budget and garnered multibagger profit, Varun has tightened his remuneration for the sequel. On the whole, Raju is shelling out high monies to cast and crew. Now he is pinning high hopes on F3 as high money is at stake. Many in industry are satirically gossipping that F3 means Fun, Frustration and ‘Fear’ whilst Fear is for Dil Raju who is betting high. As many sequels in the past did not work in the industry and there is a jinx around sequels, one has to wait and watch, whether F3 would break that jinx or not.