Business: Tollywood Zooms Past, Rest Lags Behind

Telugu film industry is back to its glory like never before. Many films are releasing every week and most of them are minting gold at the box office. Compared to the other film industries which are still being skeptical to release movies, Tollywood is way ahead in the business. 

Krack became a huge blockbuster in the career of Ravi Teja even during the 50% occupancy rule. Later, Uppena created a storm at the box office. Even though it was made by a debutante director and featured newcomers as the leads, Uppena generated a gross of Rs. 70 crores at the box office. Other films like Naandhi and Zombie Reddy have also become successful at the box office.

The only segment which is yet to recover is the overseas arena. theatres in the US are yet to reopen in full capacity. Distributors are not willing to pay hefty amounts for the rights after the pandemic. However, the producers are compensating the overseas losses with the dubbing rights.

Telugu dubbed movies got a lot of craze among the North Indian audiences in the recent past. The dubbing rights are being sold for heavy prices due to the increase in demand. Thus, Tollywood is flourishing in business after the pandemic.