Aamir & Kiran Rao Has A Video Message To Fans

After news broke of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s divorce yesterday, it is like a slow burn for fans and admirers. The couple called it quits after 15 years of their happy marriage, making dominating headlines everywhere. Now the duo strode forward with a video message for their fans post their announcement of separation.

Aamir and Kiran were seen holding hands while assuring viewers that they are still a part of the same family. Citing that everything between them is amicable, the former couple sat next to each other and said in Hindi that – “You all must be saddened and shocked by the news. But, we just want to tell you that we are very happy and we are a part of one family”.

The actor further added that their relationship has altered but he will stay friends with Kiran forever. He also said that the duo will consider their non-profit organization, Paani Foundation, to be their baby. “Paani Foundation is like our son, Azad, for us. We will always be family. Please pray for our happiness. This is all we wanted to say”.

However, netizens were shocked to see the video and in fact, were left perplexed over Aamir’s words. As Aamir said that the duo is happy, one user wrote “Khush hai tho saath kyu nahi?”. Other comments read as” Ask him to shut up his fake positivity”, “Ye kaunsa type ka divorce hai”, and “Why to celebrate divorce”. A few others analyzed how Kiran is allegedly trying to hide her pain and sadness in the video. Nevertheless, Bollywood is not only giving us some of the greatest romances, but also a handful of devastating breakups.