Mr Pregnant Movie Review


2 Hr 22 mins   |   Love   |   18-08-2023

Cast - Sohel, Roopa Koduvayur, Suhasini, Raja Ravindra, Brahmaji and others

Director - Srinivas Vinjanampati

Producer - Appi Reddy, RaviReddy Sajjala, Venkat Annapareddy

Banner - Mic Movies, AR

Music - Shravan Bharadwaj

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts as the lead actor, Bigg Boss fame Sohel is pinning hopes on Mr Pregnant. He believes this film will be crucial in his career. The film’s trailer manages to sustain the momentum and generates decent buzz. Let’s see whether the film lives up to the hopes and expectations of Sohel? Here is the review of Mr Pregnant.


A famous tattoo artist Goutham (Sohel), who is an orphan, marries his love Mahi (Roopa). Mahi leaves her family for him. Goutam decides to take his wife’s pregnancy to protect her life. He has a terrible past and hence he takes up the pregnancy. Will Goutam succeed in his attempt? What are the odds and hurdles he comes across? All these form the story of Mr Pregnant.


Sohel shines in a badly treated script. The whole film revolves around him. He does a good job in the pre-climax sequence where he interacts with the media. His dialogues are heart-touching. Roopa Kodavayur is decent in her role. But she doesn’t have much to perform. Viva Harsha is alright with his usual histrionics. Brahmaji as Butta Bomma is hilarious. His comedy with the gay leaves the room in splits. This is one of the highlights of the film. Villain Michael character is very forced and has no proper character. Raja Ravinder is just okay as Mahi’s father. The film has decent performances but the writing plays the spoilsport.


The premise of Mr Pregnant is curious and interesting. But director Srinivas spoils it with the writing and direction. The narration is obstructed by the flow of the back-to-back songs in the first half. It follows the usual template of songs for every situation or happy occasion. Technically, the visuals hold the attention. Action scenes are shot well. Production values are decent.


Concept & Emotion
Brahmaji Comedy


Lackluster First Half
Unconvincing Scenes
Screenplay & Direction


Mr Pregnant seems to be loosely inspired from Mister Mummy starring Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza where the couple jointly get pregnant. Here in Mr Pregnant, the protagonist alone becomes pregnant. The similarity is that both Ritesh and Sohel ‘hate’ children. But in Mr Pregnant, director Srinivas Vinjanampati gives a different spin. Into this, he weaves the subject of pregnant women deaths during childbirth.

The first half introduces the characters and their traits. The world of Gautam and Mahi takes the centrestage.
The love story of the lead actors isn’t convincing enough. The writing and direction takes a beating. It quite boring and tests patience. The film has a lot of scope to generate fun in the first half too. Whereas the director chose to make it serious and emotional largely. The drama part is overdone. The back-to-back songs in the first half puts off as they obstruct the story narration. The pre-interval scene drives the film towards its conflict.

The second-half is the saving grace for the film. The Brahmaji’s funny scenes involving gay comedy is appealing and brings huge relief in the serious family drama laced with emotion. Suhasini Maniratnam as Dr Vasudha is well placed. The pregnant woes of Sohel are just alright. The film follows a usual template. It suffers from predictability. The villain portions and unwanted revenge angle are unnatural and forced. They are badly written.

The strength of Mr Pregnant lies in the soul of the film. The heart of the film is at its right place and the director doesn’t deviate from it. However, the film falters in the treatment and execution. The pre-climax sequence stands out in the whole film. The protagonist gives a message and it is convincing. However, it is too late by then. The first half is the biggest letdown. On the whole, Mr Pregnant settles with mixed feelings and leaves one craving for more. Certainly, it could have been done way far better. It is a lost opportunity for both Sohel and director Srinivas.

Verdict: Male Pregnancy Woes!

Rating: 2.25/5