Pawan Kalyan’s Bookish Knowledge Stuns Professor & Politician

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is often targeted on social media by oppositions especially the YCP. His comments on certain issues were always criticised and many troll him with memes and add that he lacks political knowledge. But this is a propaganda based campaign by selective people and the fact is Pawan has deeper thoughts and his words have stunned a professor from Osmania University.

Going into details, at ‘Alai Balai’ event hosted by Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya recently, Pawan entered a discussion with Osmania University Professor YL Srinivas on the book ‘The Power of Myth’ authored by Joseph Campbell.  The Professor was stunned by the way Pawan discussed the book and he was completely blown away.

Professor Srinivas said, “A film star reading such books is a rarity and the seriousness with which Pawan Kalyan discussed the book certainly showed his deep understanding in literature. The book deals with reinventing myth and its various forms is generally read by scholars doing their Ph.D in English literature or with genuine interest in culture studies.”

This clipping from The Hindu newspaper was shared on social media by Telangana Congress spokesperson Dasoju Sravan and he too complimented Pawan. “Shri @PawanKalyan Ji is not just a vibrant actor, but also a voracious reader who is always on the quest for truth. Prof YL Srinivas’s observations are apt & I experienced the same that he is a deep intellect, who constantly reflects on society with conscience,” tweeted Sravan.