Resignation Politics: Vamsi Ready For By-poll

With the ‘Three Capitals’ row, the AP politics are revolving around resignation. The opposition TDP is demanding the YCP government to cancel the Assembly and call for a mandate on ‘Three Capitals.’ While the ruling party is countering the TDP and asking all the 20 MLAs to stepped down immediately.

Under these circumstances, rebel TDP MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi has come forward to tender his resignation. Speaking the Gannavaram MLA said, “Yes I’m ready to resign and invite the by-election. If the ‘Three Capitals’ row is linked to my by-election, I have no objection.”

Vamsi is confident that he would win the election with a thumping majority and retain his seat.

Yet no one is coming forward to even dare to resign and stand beside the people and farmers of Amaravati. So far only TDP MLC Btech Ravi has resigned to his post in protest.