‘AP People Feels That YCP & BJP Are Secret Friends’

The Graduate MLC elections in Andhra Pradesh were an eye opener for the AP BJP. Even after making tall claims and bold statements, the party could not secure a deposit in the elections and the results have totally let down the party. Adding salt to the wounds, AP BJP deputy chief Vishnu Kumar Raju made shocking comments.

“The AP BJP leadership should introspect about the party’s performance in the elections. There is an impression that the people of AP believe that BJP and YCP are secret friends and so the people/graduates have voted for the TDP. The results reflect the rumours and it should be cleared immediately. If the rumours continue to spread, AP BJP will face more troubles in the coming days in the state,” said former MLA.

Vishnu Kumar Raju further added that the anti-incumbency against the YCP government is clearly visible in this election. “Despite using money and muscle power, the YCP government failed and it shows the mood of the people of AP. It’s high time that the BJP, Jana Sena and TDP come together for the future of AP,” opined Raju.

The BJP leader also suggested the AP BJP to follow the Telangana BJP. “There is a political vacuum in Telangana and BJP is aptly utilizing this space. AP BJP leaders should learn from Telangana BJP’s model to grow from strength to strength,” added Vishnu Kumar Raju.

These comments by Vishnu Kumar Raju stormed the AP political circles. Calling for a reunion of BJP, Jana Sena and TDP is something many are anticipating but somehow it’s AP BJP that appears to be unwilling to reunite with old friends.