‘Pawan Went Delhi To Give Divorce To BJP’

Ambati rambabu
Ambati rambabu

The Delhi tour of Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan ended with no proper resolution on the party’s future with the BJP. Despite holding talks with the BJP biggies including National President JP Nadda, Pawan returned to Hyderabad with a pinch of disappointment.

But more than Jana Sena, it’s the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh that seems to have closely watched Pawan’s tour of Delhi and meeting BJP leaders. AP irrigation minister Ambati Rambabu reacted to Pawan’s Delhi trip and predicted that Pawan went to Delhi to divorce BJP i.e, break ties with the saffron party.

“Apparently there is a love triangle going on between TDP, Jana Sena and BJP. Pawan Kalyan desperately wants BJP to reunite with Telugu Desam. He is even ready to divorce BJP for the sake TDP. He is undoubtedly a package star,” said Ambati.

The minister further said that Pawan has no clue and knowledge about Polavaram dam and whatever he is criticizing, it’s the script written by TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. “YCP is being blamed for Polavaram delay but the fact is, TDP is responsible for everything that pushed Polavaram’s completion. We have proved the blunders of TDP in a scientific manner and we are committed towards Polavaram’s completion,” commented Ambati.

Indeed all the three major parties anticipated something to happen with Pawan’s Delhi tour. The outcome was altogether a different picture.