‘I Lost My Two Chappals’ – Pawan’s Satire On Perni Nani

Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan is on his second day with Varahi Yatra. Pawan Kalyan’s meeting at Pithapuram today is again an outburst on the YCP government.

Pawan Kalyan’s speech about showing his chappal to YCP leaders was severely retorted by the YCP minister Perni Nani in a press meeting yesterday. Perni Nani warned Pawan Kalyan by showing two footwear in the press meeting.

Now during his Pithapuram tour, Pawan Kalyan tried to throw an indirect satire at Perni Nani. Pawan Kalyan said, ‘There is this YCP agriculture minister whose name I don’t remember. I don’t like remembering their names. Recently during my visit to Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy temple, I lost my two favorite chappals and some stole them. Please get them back to me if anyone sees them.’

While the speeches of Pawan Kalyan are entertaining his fans and Janasainiks, many others opine that his speeches are going pointless with silly and confusing statements.