Can Nani Spend ₹60 Cr Like Pawan Kalyan?

Pawan Kalyan

In response to Janasena president Pawan Kalyan’s recent “chappal” comments, former Andhra Pradesh Minister Perni Nani came out strongly with a warning of his own. During a media appearance, Nani brandished two chappals as he used cuss words to express his disapproval of Pawan’s remarks. In retaliation to Pawan saying that he has showcased a chappal to his detractors, Nani shot back by flaunting two chappals to the media before saying, “Rendu.. Jagrathha. Makkili Irigipothayi”.

Pawan Kalyan’s supporters have been mocking Nani’s recent actions, suggesting that the YSRC MLA should have taken a stronger stance on certain issues in line with their Janasenani. Notably, Pawan Kalyan has pledged a personal donation of ₹30 crores to support the families of 3000 farmers who have tragically taken their own lives in AP state. Now, supporters are questioning if Nani will also donate ₹60 crores to double PK’s contribution. Given his previous show of two chappals, they suggest that such a gesture would be fitting with his apparent willingness to go above and beyond.

Meanwhile, members of the Janasena party are criticizing Perni Nani for his recent comments regarding chappals. They have been sharing a video that was once used by Nani to gain significant attention. In May, when he witnessed an elderly woman walking barefoot under the scorching sun, Nani took her to a shoe store and purchased footwear worth ₹200 for her. However, some political analysts are questioning his intentions behind using this act as a publicity stunt and bringing media cameras into it.