Pawan’s Comments On Rapaka In Razole!

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has made some interesting comments on Razole MLA Rapaka Varaprasad. Speaking to party leaders in Razole, Pawan said Rapaka used Janasena votes and he has crossed the party. He said Janasena votes were used as boats to cross the river (Godavari). Pawan said Rapaka stepped into Assembly using those votes.

During this topic, Pawan raised concerns about this feat by political leaders in democracy. Pawan said this should be questioned by the voters in the constituency and the people of the constituency should have the right to “recall” their MLA or representative when they act against the wishes of the large public.

Pawan demanded a “referendum” for those MLAs or MPs who win on one ticket and jump to other parties. He called for the need to bring such stern laws to prevent the defection of the elected representatives. “Mee Ishtaniki Meeru Gelichi, Meeru Vellipotamante Kudaradu,” Pawan said in a strong tone.

Pawan’s comments are not just political but he made some sensible remarks. He demanded reforms in the system to avoid such anti-democratic practices of elected representatives.