AP Women Commission Summons Pawan

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan ignited a storm in AP by alleging that human trafficking is rampant in the state. He went on to allege that the volunteer system brought by the YCP government is the main reason behind human trafficking.

These statements drew a lot of flak and criticism from volunteers all over the state. AP Mahila (Women’s) Commission responded to Pawan Kalyan’s allegations and summoned notices to him.

Speaking on the same, commission chairperson, Vasireddy Padma demanded an apology from Pawan Kalyan. “Either he has to give a proper explanation on his comments or apologise to the volunteers who have been selfless work in the state for the last four years. Else our commission will haunt him,” said Vasireddy Padma.

On the other hand, volunteers have staged protests against Pawan Kalyan all over the state. In Vizag, volunteers organized a seizure of highway causing huge traffic jam and they demanded that Pawan should unconditionally say sorry to volunteers or face the consequences.