There is no stopping, Here Is Latest Speech Of Pawan On Volunteers

There is no stopping ‘Firebrand’ politician Pawan Kalyan. In his first and sensational response on AP Women Commission notices and its chairperson Vasireddy Padma’s comments, Pawan Kalyan said in his tone and manner asking the government and administration to do enquiry against grama volunteers.

“Jagan, listen carefully. This is what I’ve heard. AP Women Commission who serves notices to me like this (showing his hands movements), take note of this. YSRCP volunteers are conducting recce at homes of people and gathering information about single women, girls. When parents are going for work, volunteers are trying to take advantage of the situation,” said Pawan.

“If women or girls who are not cooperating, volunteers are threatening to remove the government schemes and benefits. And targeting them citing lack of enough papers and documents for removing them benefits of government schemes. Volunteers became like vultures and eagles whereas girls are suffering like baby chickens. Many families are not opening their mouths as they are worried about their family reputation, name and some are scared about the political influence,” added Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan asked victims and their families to go to police stations and lodge police complaints. He even asked victims to knock on the doors of the office of district collectors if needed. Pawan assured to stand like a rock behind the victims. He assured that Janasena party will provide all necessary assistance to the victims and their families. Pawan made these comments in Tadepalligudem.

Overall, Pawan Kalyan’s sensational comments and his latest reaction is going to further fuel the ongoing controversy in AP politics. Pawan’s serious allegations on grama volunteers is expected to create a storm. One has to see how ruling YSRCP leaders and grama volunteers respond to the latest reaction of PK.