Pawan Traps Women, Marries Then Deserts: Jagan

Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy fumed at the opposition for defaming the volunteer system in Andhra Pradesh. He branded Jana Sena chief K. Pawan Kalyan as a volunteer of TDP supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu and lambasted the duo for the derogatory remarks made by them against the volunteers, even as they were serving the underprivileged in a selfless manner.

In a strong counter to the JS chief remarks against the volunteers, Jagan said that Pawan and Naidu were denigrating the character of the volunteers though these youngsters were providing services to crores of people. “These people are trying to malign the character of the volunteers but the public know about the character of Naidu, his son Lokesh, adopted son Pawan and brother-in-law.”

“Did our volunteers try to trap girls? In fact, it is Naidu’s volunteer Pawan Kalyan who is into playing the trick constantly. He keeps trapping women, marries them, lives together for four years and then deserts them. Further, he maintains extra-marital relationship with some other girl even when he is in a wedlock with a woman.” To this remark from Jagan, those attending the public meeting whistled and shouted as if praising the CM for his observation.

There is one other person in the opposition camp, who is a drunkard. “He keeps consuming alcohol even in daytime and keeps dancing with girls beside swimming pools. If you watch the YouTube videos, you will understand how shameless he is.”

In an indirect attack, Jagan faulted Naidu for trying to justify his unethical and illegal acts on a TV show.

Further, Jagan ridiculed Pawan for having an alliance with the BJP but living with the TDP. Pawan submits the B-Form of his party to the EC but in fact, he heads the B-team of the TDP. Alliance with the BJP is a drama, working for Naidu is a drama but claiming that the JS is a completely different party is another big drama. The script for this whole play is written by Ramoji Rao, produced by Chandrababu and acting, dialogues are by Pawan.”

The CM said that the opposition leaders have stooped to abysmal levels only because they do not have their own credentials to claim and present before the public. They only are good at betrayal and back-stabbing, he said.