IT Employees Stand For CBN – Protests At Wipro Circle, Gachibowli, JNTU Kukatpally

Chandrababu’s arrest and remand triggered protests across the two Telugu states. Hundreds of IT employees came down on roads today to protest Chandrababu’s arrest.

A large number of IT employees in Hyderabad wore black badges and raised slogans against Chandrababu Naidu being arrested. Many employees raised slogans in support of Chandrababu Naidu and they were seen saying it is their responsibility to support the man who shaped the IT industry in Hyderabad.

The protest at Wipro Circle went on to become a huge success and the IT workers are planning to bring on more gatherings and protests in other places in Hyderabad. A large number of IT employees are also expressing their angst on social media platforms towards Chandrababu’s arrest.

Meanwhile, the general public has voluntarily come out on the roads at Kukatpally JNTU to express their solidarity and support for Chandrababu Naidu. The slogan #IamWithCBN resounded at the JNTU protest.