A Counter To Roja: Sweet Sharing Before Seat Sharing

The intense situation of Chandrababu Naidu being arrested is leading to unexpected repercussions in Andhra Pradesh. While the supporters of TDP severely condemned the arrest of the former Chief Minister, YSRCP leader Roja celebrated it by passing on the sweets to the cadre.

The celebrations of Roja and her latest comments on Balakrishna have not gone well with the public. Even Pawan Kalyan during his meet with the press ridiculed the ‘celebration’ by calling it an act of stooping and deteriorating nature. In the same meeting, Pawan Kalyan declared that his Janasena is forming an alliance with TDP for the upcoming elections.

After the announcement, TDP and Janasena leaders GV Reddy and Kiran Royal joined a television debate and called it a celebration for the good times ahead. Kiran Royal shared the sweets with GV Reddy on the live debate, calling it an auspicious consequence of TDP and Janasena joining hands to fight against YSRCP. This video of their ‘sweet sharing’ before the ‘seat sharing’ is going viral on social media and is being called a ‘sweet counter’ to those who are celebrating Naidu’s arrest.

Besides speculations and anticipations for many months, the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu appears to have intensified the immediate need for a powerful alliance and the TDP-Janasena supporters believe it led to Pawan Kalyan’s decision.