Leaders Dreaming Of ‘HM’ Post!

Elections are yet to be held and results to be announced but the TDP is confident that it would be able to clinch power in the upcoming polls, given the anti-incumbency and sympathy factors.

Leaders in the party are not stopping here but have gone ahead and are eyeing to secure the ministerial berths in the yet to be formed Cabinet.

According to political rumours, there are many TDP leaders in the race for the Home Minister post. Lokesh himself has plans to grab the post. By doing so, he plans to settle scores with the YCP men. On several occasions, he said that he was maintaining a Red Book and would go by whatever is written in it, taking action against the YCP leaders who wronged the TDP cadre.

Meanwhile, there are many others also vying the same post for the immense power and command it allows them to wield.

It is being predicted that even TDP Andhra Pradesh unit president K. Atchannaidu might be made the Home Minister. There is talk that senior leader Chintakayala Ayyanapatrudu is also vying for the post because in the recent past, he mentioned that if he would have been the home minister, he would have handled the situation differently. Ganta Srinivasa Rao, Kollu Ravindra are other contenders for the post.

The twist in the tale is Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who is the alliance partner of the TDP, could also demand for the key post after having come to the rescue of the TDP during hard time.