YS Sharmila’s Son To Marry Priya Atluri?

The wedding bells are set to ring in the YS household as YS Sharmila’s son, YS Raja Reddy who has been studying in the USA for the past few years is set to get married. More interesting thing is that Raja is set for an inter-caste marriage with Priya Atluri.

Priya Atluri is the granddaughter of Atluri Vijaya Venkata Prasad and she too has been studying in the USA. From early reports, it is identified that Raja Reddy and Priya have been seeing each other for the last 4 years.

The union of this young couple is going to be one of the major happenings in the Telugu states. But this isn’t something new in the YS family as they have the history of inter-caste and even inter-religious marriages. This is going to be one of the high profile weddings in Telugu states as two financially sound and influential families from the Reddy and Kamma communities are coming together.