Viral: Most Trolled Telangana Man Becomes MLA

It is a known thing that MLA and MP candidates use surplus money and liquor to influence the voters in the elections. But there is this one MLA in Telangana who didn’t take this route but instead went for emotional blackmail and stood by it despite getting trolled on social media.

The MLA in question here is the newly elected Huzurabad MLA Padi Kaushik Reddy who has now become popular in Telangana as the “Emotional Blackmail MLA”. In a public meeting, he threatened to take his life and also that of his wife and daughter if the Huzurabad voters didn’t pick him as their MLA. He, his wife, and his daughter released a video gleefully requesting voters to vote for him. “If I become MLA, my family will go on Vijayotsava yatra, but if not, our mortal remains will go on sava yatra” he said to the voters.

Kaushik Reddy contested against BJP’s Eatala Rajender in Huzurabad in this year’s election and he very much understood that winning against a veteran like Eatala needs that extra bit of impetus from him. So he played the emotional blackmail card.

Wonder what? the emotion card worked wonderfully for Kaushik and he won the seat by 16K votes, defeating Eatala. While he was trolled and commented against on social platforms for including his family members in his emotional game before the polls, he has now reaped the reward for his unique strategy.