No Ticket? Kodali Nani Fires

Since earlier today, multiple media reports emerged saying that Kodali Nani is getting replaced by YCP veteran Hanumantha Rao in Gudivada. This broke out after a banner congratulating Hanumantha Rao for getting Gudivada YCP MLA ticket was seen in Gudivada.

When this topic was brought up in front of Kodali Nani, he fired on the media for spreading false rumors. He said there is no way he is getting replaced as Gudivada MLA candidate.

“It is confirmed that Vallabhaneni Vamsi will contest from Gannavaram constituency and I will contest from Gudivada. Yellow media is spitting venom by saying I am getting replaced in Gudivada and Vamsi is getting replaced in Gannavaram. Did Jagan tell ABN Radhakrishna that I am not getting the ticket?” Nani fired.

Nani said out of the 155 MLAs(151YCP + 3 TDP + 1 JSP), 30 MLAs are rejected the MLA tickets, 20 MLAs are getting relocated and the rest 105 are contesting from their old seats itself. The firebrand leader assertively said he and Vallabhaneni Vamsi would definitely contest from Gudivada and Gannavaram respectively.