‘Jagan Doesn’t Owe A Single Rupee To Sharmila’

YSR Congress has launched an all-out attack on Sharmila as the political heat intensifies in Andhra Pradesh. But YCP firebrand lady Roja has made a statement in connection with the personal ties between Jagan and Sharmila as she claimed that Jagan doesn’t owe even a single rupee to Sharmila.

Roja’s statement contradicts Sharmila’s recent comment where she said she is a co-owner of Sakshi. After looking at the degree of Sharmila’s political attack against Jagan, the opposition parties attributed Sharmila’s fire to unsettled property and asset distribution disputes between the brother and sister.

However, Roja has now come in front of the media and said Jagan doesn’t owe anything to Sharmila. She assured that YSR settled all these transactions while he was alive and added that Sakshi Media and Bharathi Cements are all Jagan’s own businesses. This statement from Roja can’t be written off as a generic political statement as it contains the details of the personal transactions between Jagan and Sharmila so this led to theories from political followers that Roja made this comment upon the directions of CM’s camp.

Roja rounded it up by saying Sharmila is working under the command of Chandrababu Naidu. She then shifted the blame onto Pawan Kalyan by questioning how much share of his properties he gave to his sisters and wives to have the moral right to question Jagan on this matter.