Right Man In Wrong Place – Sharmila

Mangalagiri ex-MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy’s histrionics are still fresh in the minds of those who follow AP politics. After resigning from the MLA post and to YCP, Ramakrishna Reddy said he is done with Jagan and he would even fight a legal battle against the illicit fiscal transactions of the Jagan government. The ex-MLA then moved to Sharmila’s camp by joining Congress and said the rest of his career would be with Sharmila and Congress.

But just two weeks after all this, Alla Ramakrishna Reddy took one of the biggest u-turns by any politician in recent years as he returned to Jagan. He came to the CM Camp Office to meet Jagan last week and also hugged him.

Ramakrishna Reddy’s comment then was that his future is with Jagan. On the other side, AP Congress president YS Sharmila who has been watching all this action unfold in front of her eyes has revealed her version of the story.

Sharmila said she can understand Ramakrishna Reddy’s histrionics as she is like a sister to him. She remarked “Ramakrishna Anna is a good person. He is the right man in the wrong place. There is extreme pressure on him.

But despite all this, I have no political differences with him, I wish him all the best for his future”. She called this trip of Ramakrishna Reddy from YSR Congress to Congress to going back to YSR Congress a “Closed chapter” and added she isn’t interested in targeting Ramakrishna Reddy at a personal capacity.