TDP-Janasena First List Coming Tomorrow

The long-awaited first list of MLA candidates from the Telugu Desam – Janasena alliance is finally arriving, if we are to believe the latest flash reports that are being televised by media channels.

According to the flash reports, Chandrababu and Lokesh are stationed at Undavalli and Pawan Kalyan is also on the way to Amaravati. Pawan and Naidu could sit down for a meeting tonight or early tomorrow morning. Reportedly, Chandrababu has asked TDP and Janasena leaders to assemble for a meeting tomorrow morning.

A few media outlets are reporting that 60-70 candidates will be announced tomorrow. A few others say nearly 100 candidates could be announced. We will get clarity on this in a few hours.

Reportedly, the list will be announced at around 11:40 AM on February 24, according to the Muhurtam timing. Mostly non-problematic seats that have no conflict between the alliance parties will be announced in this first list, say reports.