Focus on winning the allocated few seats, Pawan tells Jana Sainiks

The TDP-Jana Sena combine released the candidate list and it evoked dissent among the leaders of both the parties. Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan made some interesting remarks after the release of the list.

He said that many senior politicians advised that his party should contest from 60-70 constituencies in the upcoming elections.

“During the last elections, if the party could had won 10 constituencies, Jana Sena would have had a chance to ask for 50-60 seats,” he said.

However, Pawan said that the number of seats being contested holds little significance when compared to the strike rate. “Even in these few seats from where the JS is contesting, we should try to win the maximum seats,” he told the Jana Sainiks.

Further, Pawan said that the JS was limiting itself in view of some seats to be shared with the BJP. The TDP-Jana Sena coalition will have the support of the BJP and there will be some clarity over the number of seats only after the deliberations take shape, he said.

The JS party chief said that he had decided to stay in the coalition only for the development of Andhra Pradesh.

He promised to ensure suitable posts to all the committed Jana Sainiks in the party, once the coalition is voted to power.

The main aim of the coalition is to prevent the splitting of anti-YCP votes. At the same time, he exuded confidence that the coalition would definitely win the elections.”The Jana Sena cadre had been enduring with the atrocities and harassment of the ruling YCP only for the secure future of the public in AP,” he added.