‘Revanth Reddy Oka Gaalivaatam CM’

king president, former IT Minister, KTR has been spitting fire on CM Revanth Reddy for the last few weeks. His version is that Revanth Reddy is not the elected chief minister of Telangana, but a management CM who lobbied in Delhi to get the CM post.

KTR carried the same approach again in his meeting with the BRS leaders today as he fired on Revanth.

“Revanth is not a people-elected CM. If Congress went to the election with Revanth Reddy as the CM candidate, that party wouldn’t have even gotten 30 MLA seats.” KTR said and he called Revanth a “Gaalivaatam CM” who luckily ended up in the CM post.

KTR commented that Revanth doesn’t have the stature of the verbal dignity to be the CM.

While Revanth has been challenging KCR to come to the assembly and fulfil his opposition leader duties instead of trying to get sympathy, BRS, led by KTR is carrying their version that Revanth isn’t even the rightful CM for Telangana.