‘Paapam KTR America Paaripoyindu’

The war of words between KTR and Revanth Reddy is making for an entertaining watch as the two firebrands are on the mission of verbally gaining an upper hand over each other. Recently, KTR said Revanth wouldn’t have won even 30 seats if Revanth was announced as the CM candidate before the election.

“More or less, the party president is the CM candidate. I am the president of Congress and toured 80 assembly constituencies. Wouldn’t that make me the CM candidate? KTR’s father KCR is BRS president and he is the CM candidate and so is Kishan Reddy from BJP. This is general understanding” Revanth replied to KTR’s statement.

Revanth added “KTR is the working president of BRS while his father KCR is the sleeping president. KTR fled India and went to USA after losing the election and the BRS leaders had to convince and bring him back. I don’t take KTR seriously and I don’t like to talk much about him.” He said in Telugu and “paapam KTR America Paaripoyindu. Malli ipudu vachi arustundu.”

Revanth Reddy warned KCR and KTR about legal investigations into the various scams that they committed while holding government positions.