Magunta Quits YCP: Beware TDP

One of the deep-pocketed MPs in AP, Magunta Srinivas Reddy (Ongole) has confirmed the obvious as he submitted his resignation to YCP. He has announced that his son Magunta Raghava Reddy will be pitted from Ongole MP constituency in the next election. The Magunta father-son duo is likely to join TDP soon and will naturally be the favorites to get the MP ticket.

But despite the financial prowess of Magunta, he and his son are allegedly involved in the Delhi liquor scam with Raghava Reddy already getting arrested in the case. This is a clear weak link and BJP can look to hit on this in the future based on the political equations then.

Magunta Srinivas and Raghava Reddy are facing Delhi Liquor scam case when they are in YCP and if they move to TDP and then get arrested, the negativity could be pushed to TDP. So this brings us to the question, does TDP need an MP for a segment that TDP traditionally loses almost all the time and risk negative backlash for it?