I Don’t Need People Who Pass Advices: Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan once again went into pure aggressive mode with his speech at the Jenda meeting today at Tadepalligudem.

During the speech, the Janasena chief touched on all the topics that created chaos after the seat-sharing announcement from the TDP-Janasena alliance.

Throwing a direct satire at the leaders and overseas fans who have been expressing dissent at Pawan Kalyan’s decision to go ahead with 24 seats to contest, Pawan Kalyan says neither he nor his party doesn’t need the advice and the people who pass pieces of advice.

Pawan Kalyan stresses that a person like Jagan needs to be given a war and that needs young blood walking with him and standing by him for the party. ‘I know who I am fighting with. The people who are with me are my people,’ says Pawan Kalyan.

The Janasena chief answered all who were dissatisfied with the alliance. Emphasizing the factors that Janasena is still lacking, Pawan Kalyan said, ‘ We don’t know poll management, organizational strength and we are not ready yet to contest against the organizationally strong party like TDP, we don’t have 800 to 1000 booth cadre to work for in each constitution. We are still growing and we have to wait.’

The speech of Pawan Kalyan has many more sharp counters and clarifications regarding the recent events.