’80 MLA Seats 2 Yrs CM’ Mudragada Writes To Pawan Kalyan

Kapu community stalwart Mudragada Padmanabham was on the verge of joining Janasena after the party leaders, mainly Bolisetty Srinivas met him a couple of times and assured him that Pawan Kalyan would meet him and formally invite him to join JSP. But the keenly anticipated meeting between Pawan and Mudragada didn’t happen.

Mudragada who patiently waited for a meeting with Pawan for the last 5-6 weeks has decided that he is done with the waiting game and he has penned an open letter to Pawan Kalyan.

“I thought you(Pawan Kalyan) should have asked for 80 MLA seats and 2 years of CM seat sharing. You are a glamorous leader and might be of the opinion that I am a rusted piece of metal, that’s why you might’ve skipped two meetings with me despite you yourself scheduling the meetings. Anyway, I know our meeting isn’t straightforward as you need to get permission from many entities for it to happen. So I pray to god that your party doesn’t need my representation to fulfill the 24 seats that it got.” Mudragada wrote in the letter.

The Kapu stalwart looked displeased about Pawan Kalyan not meeting him after scheduling not one but a couple of meetings.