Malkajgiri Lo Telchukundam Ra – KTR Challenges Revanth

BRS working president KTR has a long-standing rivalry with the current CM of Telangana Revanth Reddy and this political battle has hit the pinnacle with KTR’s open challenge to Revanth.

KTR challenged Revanth Reddy to resign from the CM post and contest from Malkajgiri constituency in the Lok Sabha elections. He said the verdict in this Malkajgiri election will be a testament of Telangana’s public mandate.

“Revanth Reddy must resign his CM post and then as an MLA from Kodangal and come and contest from Malkajgiri MP constituency. I will resign from my Siricilla MLA post and contest from the same constituency. With this, we can decide who has more credibility with the Malkajgiri electoral verdict as the public mandate” KTR challenged Revanth.

In the recent past, KTR said on multiple occasions that Revanth is a management quota CM who lobbied with Congress in Delhi to get the post. Revanth replied by saying KTR flew off to the USA after the Telangana elections due to his incapability and said he doesn’t take KTR seriously.

This war of words between the BRS and Telangana Congress pioneers has now reached a new high with KTR challenging Revanth to quit the CM post and come contest in Malkajgiri.