TDP-JS will bag 104 seats: Pioneer Poll Strategies Survey

The TDP-Jana Sena coalition will secure 51.4 per cent votes while the YCP would bag 42. 6 per cent votes in the upcoming Assembly elections. According to a survey by the Pioneer Poll Strategies conducted in the mid of February, it was predicted that the TDP-JS coalition would come to power winning 104 Assembly seats while the YCP would get 49 seats. It was also found that the rival parties will face a tough competition in 22 constituencies.

With all the political parties busy in electioneering and claiming that they would surpass their rivals in the elections, it has become difficult for a commoner to understand the voters’ pulse in Andhra Pradesh.

While the YCP is confident of its votebank in the rual areas, where a majority of the Navaratanalu schemes were implemented effectively, the TDP-JS is proclaiming that it would be the winner as a majority of the urban voters are favouring them in the urban areas, as the electorate is more interested in development rather than distribution of the accummulated funds.

The survey also revealed that in the general elections, the TDP-JS combine would win 18 seats and YCP would confine itself to seven seats. Time will reveal which political party would clinch power in the upcoming Assembly and general elections.