PK From Pithapuram: Varma’s Shocking U-turn

Putting an end to the long wait, Janasena head Pawan Kalyan officially announced today that he is contesting from Pithapuram constituency. He spoke with JSP cadres in Pithapuram and announced in front of the media that he is contesting from this constituency.

Pawan’s confirmation energized the local JSP leadership who are excited about their leader contesting from here. But there is also a widespread rebellion against this announcement as the ex-MLA from Pithapuram, SVSN Varma’s(TDP) camp is protesting against Pawan for taking the Pithapuram seat for himself. Varma’s group is saying he has been in the public for the last two decades and is the rightful choice for the MLA seat, but Pawan has hijacked it out of nowhere.

At this crucial juncture, an old interview of Varma is being shared by JSP supporters on social media and this is projecting a shocking u-turn taken by the TDP leader. Meanwhile, Varma himself spoke to media explaining how he worked for the party for last two decades and decide his next move after meeting the party cadre on Friday. Varma also said this matter has nothing to do with Pawan Kalyan and it is the party’s internal matter.

In an old interview, Varma says “If Pawan Kalyan Garu decides to contest from here, then I will see to it that he wins by a record majority. I will use all my power and local connections to make sure he gets a record majority. But my condition is that he must not come for campaigning. I will lead his campaign and give him a historic victory.”

From promising a record victory to Pawan Kalyan from Pithapuram, to his own camp taking the protests to the streets when Pawan actually announced his candidature from here, Varma’s u-turn has shocked JSP activists on social media.

It has to be seen if Varma wants to contest against Pawan Kalyan or if the TDP chief Chandrababu convinces him to pave the way for Pawan Kalyan.