Pawan Vs Geetha: Cadre Digging Into Their Assets

Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan’s comment that the YCP would not hesitate to distribute Rs 1 lakh per vote to defeat him in the Pithapuram constituency has turned the electorate’s attention to the assets and properties of both Pawan and his rival Vanga Geetha of the YCP.

Senior politician Vanga Geetha had been Kakinada MP earlier.

While the YCP cadre is trying to assess Pawan’s assets, the Janasena cadre is busy estimating the property of Geetha. The discussion on their assets has become a hot topic on the social media.

The total worth of Pawan’s assets has been fixed at Rs 57 crore. At the same time, his liabilities have been pegged at Rs 34 crore. He has bonds and fixed deposits in various banks worth Rs 6 crore. He has savings of Rs 3 crore. Further, he owns Mercedes Benz-350, Toyota Fortuner, Skoda Rapido, Mahindra Scorpio, Volvo and Harley –Davidson bike, which would together cost Rs2.75 crore.

Immovable properties amount to Rs 15 crore, which include 18 acres of agricultural land on the outskirts of Hyderabad, 4 houses in Hyderabad city and two houses in Mangalagiri. Together they would cost Rs 34 crore. He also owns an apartment in Russia. While the total worth of properties has been shown as Rs 42 crore, his liabilities have been pegged at Rs 34 crore.

Similarly, Geetha also owns assets worth crores of rupees. Her total assets have been put at Rs 20 crore,

She has fixed deposits in banks, gold jewellery, high-end vehicles apart from 25 acres of agricultural land, 8 flats, 10 houses and a commercial building. All these could total up to Rs 20 crore.

The loans taken from different banks is worth Rs 3.50 crore