Pic Talk: Young Daughter’s Energetic Campaign For Mother

With the election season bestowing on Andhra Pradesh, the confirmed candidates are leading their electoral campaigns with utmost vigor. In one such pre-poll campaign in the Payakaraopeta assembly constituency, a very interesting sight is being seen if we observe the campaign of TDP+ candidate Vangalapudi Anitha.

On one side Anitha is leading her campaign and carrying out public outreach programs, and on the other hand, Anitha’s doting young daughter Reshmitha is also playing her part in her mother’s campaign.

Youngster Reshmitha is actively touring parts of the Payakaraopeta constituency, appealing to the voters to vote for her mother. The public is also said to be watching the young lady’s electoral campaign for her mother with great interest as this came out of the box.

Local TDP leaders are saying the youngster’s energetic and candid campaign is being received well by the public. The pictures of the young lady energetically campaigning for her mother are being extensively shared by TDP supporters on social media.

Earlier in the Telangana elections, BRS candidate Padi Kaushik Reddy’s 12-year-old daughter campaigned for her father and her ‘cute’ speeches were grabbing the attention then. In the end, after the social and electoral equations came into play, Kaushik successfully defeated stalwart Eatala Rajender here. Will we see a similar scene in Payakaraopeta with Vangalapudi Anitha’s young daughter fueling her campaign?