Pawan Kalyan, A Changed Person In Pithapuram

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan contested in two assembly constituencies in 2019 and had to face defeat in both of them. The reason for this defeat was the man touring across the state. Janasena party contested in more than 130 constituencies and Pawan Kalyan had to tour all over due to that reason, he could not really focus on campaigning in Bhimavaram or Gajuwaka.

Things are different now and Pawan Kalyan is a new person in Pithapuram at the moment. Janasena has formed alliance with BJP and TDP this time. Janasena is contesting in 21 assembly constituencies and 2 parliament constituencies. Pawan Kalyan is contesting from only one assembly constituency and his full focus is shifted there.

Pawan Kalyan has got the chance and time to campaign door-to-door in Pithapuram. He is talking to the people and listening to their troubles. Pawan Kalyan is learning about the prolonged issues in the constituency and is giving confidence to the people on what will change if he wins.

Actually, Pawan Kalyan worked harder in 2019, but the two constituencies could not get his full focus and attention and the party also was not strong enough then. Now the cadre has grown big and the village-level party workers are assuring they do not need Pawan Kalyan to campaign at the ground level, they alone can make him win.

With the support of TDP, the TDP leader and former MLA Varma has also extended his full support to Pawan Kalyan. The political onlookers are seeing a new Pawan Kalyan altogether.