Chiru In Congress – Donations To Janasena!

Andhra Pradesh Congress was nowhere in the scene in the 2014 and 19 elections but the party has gathered some sort of momentum with the arrival of YS Sharmila. But this isn’t stopping AP Congress leadership from occasionally playing the “Arigipoina Chiranjeevi” cassette.

Former AP Congress president, Gidugu Rudraraju came in front of the media today and started to speak about Chiranjeevi and claimed that the actor-politician is still with Congress. “Chiranjeevi is still a Congress party leader. He hasn’t resigned to the party or its membership which shows he is still one of us. About the donation to Pawan Kalyan, maybe Chiranjeevi did it out of his love towards his brother, but as far as his political ambitions go, he is still with Congress and no one can change that.”

In reality, Chiranjeevi completely moved on from politics and is entirely focused on his films. For the Congress leaders who are still mumbling about Chiranjeevi’s presence, they need to ask themselves one honest question i.e., when was the last time Chiranjeevi attended a Congress meeting or campaigned for the party?

While Chiranjeevi has heart elsewhere(films), AP Congress still playing the “Chiranjeevi is Congress leader” tape serves no one. Adding to that, Chiranjeevi’s recent donation of Rs 5 crore to Pawan Kalyan is being seen as an indirect hint that he wants to see Janasena prosper in AP. At this time, Congress coming out again and claiming Chiranjeevi as one of their own isn’t the wisest of political campaigns.