RRR – Nomination Date Locked, But Which Constituency?

Raghu Rama Krishna Raju’s candidacy saga is one of the most debated topics in Andhra Pradesh political circles. While every major leader in AP has locked his constituency, there is a truckload of speculation on which constituency RRR will be picking. 

Naturally, RRR looked to retain his sitting MP seat from Narsapuram, but this plan went to shreds after BJP announced Srinivas Varma as its candidate. Days later, RRR joined Telugu Desam Party and many expected that TDP would quickly solve the issue and allocate a seat to the firebrand leader. 

But even after joining TDP, the suspense on RRR’s seat is getting that much more elongated. At first, it looked like TDP convinced RRR to contest from the Undi assembly constituency, but this buzz evaporated after the ex-YCP MP had his sight firmly locked in on the Narasapuram parliamentary ticket and was adamant about relocating.

At one point, we even heard that Chandrababu sent an ultimatum to the BJP high command about taking either the Undi assembly seat or the Eluru MP ticket as a replacement in exchange for the Narsapuram constituency. Chandrababu fought with full might to somehow secure the Naraspuram ticket for RRR. 

But with BJP being a national outfit, the decision-making is really slow and they still haven’t given a firm response on this matter. 

But RRR, being RRR is unfazed by all the high drama that has been going on and he is in fact announced that he is filing his nomination on 22 April. While two major parties, Telugu Desam and BJP are scratching their heads on accommodating RRR, the firebrand has confidently announced his nomination filing date which is exactly a week from now. This RRR saga emulates the climax scene of a proper political thriller movie.