India Today Vs Times Now: Two Opposite Surveys on AP Politics

Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections 2024 is becoming one of the most crucial battles being closely watched. The state polls turned crucial with the ruling YSRCP-led by CM YS Jagan and the opposition TDP-led by former CM Chandrababu Naidu along with NDA having a very tight fight. So far various surveys have come out on AP elections and almost all predicted a neck-and-neck fight and the difference between winners and losers would be a single-digit percentage of votes.

Amidst this, two major national media houses have predicted two completely opposite results for AP. While India Today Group and C Voter predicted TDP and NDA to clean sweep AP Lok Sabha polls (in turn reflect in Assembly elections) with 17 Lok Sabha constituencies and ruling YSRCP to confine to just 8 MP seats.

On the flip side, the Times Now – ETG survey predicted quite contrary survey results for AP. It predicted that YSRCP to bag 19 to 20 Lok Sabha seats whereas TDP and Janasena to bag 3 to 4 Lok Sabha seats and BJP to bag 1 seat.

Notably, another survey ABP – CVoter survey also predicted NDA’s big win in AP. It said TDP and Co will bag 20 Lok Sabha seats out of 25 seats with 47 percent of votes polled in its favour. It said YSRCP may win 5 Lok Sabha seats with 40 percent of votes.

With such contrast in the survey results of Indian Today and Times Now, AP voters and several political analysts are puzzled. AP to poll for Assembly and Parliament elections on May 13 which is the D-day. The results will be out on June 4. Let’s wait and see which survey will turn out to be true. For now, the suspense continues.