Watch: Chiranjeevi Openly Support TDP Alliance!

As the nomination season kicks off in Andhra Pradesh, marking the beginning of real political action, an unexpected turn of events has captured the attention of the AP Politics. Mega Star Chiranjeevi, who was inactive politically from past few years, has made an important appeal to telugu people. He appealed for support to the candidates contesting under the TDP – Janasena – BJP alliance.

Chiru released a video about the meeting between CM Ramesh, BJP’s Anakapalli MP candidate, and Panchkarla Ramesh Babu. Responding to the occasion, Chiranjeevi expressed his complete support to of the alliance between Pawan Kalyan, Chandrababu Naidu, and the BJP, viewing it as a positive development.

Notably, he highlighted CM Ramesh’s significant connections in the central government, foreseeing their potential benefits for the development of the Anakapalli Lok Sabha constituency.

When Chiranjeevi donates Rs 5 Cr to Jaansena and blessed his brother Pawan ahead of elections, few Congress leaders claimed that Chiru still in their party. But today, Chiranjeevi openly supported Alliance candidates. Let’s see how Congress leaders will respond in coming days.

Mega fans and Janasiniks are on cloud nine after Chiru’s support, they feel that Chiru’s support will bring much unity among Mega fans.