This Is The Public Talk On Jagan’s London Trip

With the CBI Court giving its approval, Andhra Pradesh’s incumbent Chief Minister YS Jagan will be heading to London on a trip from May 17th to June 1st as planned.

Critics of the YCP are however coming down hard that the Chief Minister should postpone his trip as the law and order situation in the state is not that good after the elections.

At this juncture, some natives of Andhra Pradesh state are really worried about what is going to happen in YS Jagan’s absence. Last time when he went on a foreign trip, Telugudesam supremo Chandrababu Naidu got arrested by the police and kept behind bars.

Now that Jagan is going for a London trip again, AP folks are worried about what might come up again. While that’s the public talk, surely things will not fall out of place this time for a reason.

Until the election results are declared, the Election Commission will continue to dictate terms regarding the law and order, and further police action as well. If need be, the Governor might exert his special powers to take care of the situation in the state. But then, there will not be ACB raids and CID arrests, with direct orders from people in power.