YSRCP MLAs in Panic Mode?

YSRCP MLAs are reportedly in a panic mode. The elections are concluded, but the ruling party legislators look unhappy with the proceedings. Despite a maximum polling percentage in AP, the trends are not in favour of the ruling party.

The recent statements of Ambati Rambabu, Sajjala, and Perni Nani seem to be on a dull note. They seem to be upset on the poll management by ECI and have been criticizing the TDP. In general, those on the losing side will find excuses and the common citizens opine the same.

The TDP-JSP-BJP alliance did work in a big way in AP. Pawan Kalyan put all his efforts to ensure that BJP allies with TDP. At the same time, the three parties campaigned intensively all over the state, criticizing Jagan and his welfare schemes.

Congress also tried its best to win some support. Especially in Kadapa, YS Sharmila did enough damage to YSRCP. Although her victory is not concrete, she may definitely have done damage to the ruling party.

Altogether, there is no positive wave among the YSRCP MLAs at the moment as everyone is extremely worried on the poll results. On the other hand, the JSP and TDP leaders are maintaining their calmness.