First Pic: Jagan Lands In London

Usually, there is a lot of anticipation on Jagan Mohan Reddy’s foreign vacation pics as we often see the YSRCP chief sporting t-shirts and jeans while he is abroad. His fans lap up these pics as they offer a new visual optic of Jagan apart from the staple white shirt-Khaki pant attire that he generally prefers.

Now that Jagan has flown abroad, a new pic of the AP CM has arrived on social media. In this picture, we see Jagan in his standard white shirt-khaki pant attire.

Though the attire of Jagan is the same as what is seen when he is in India, the catch here for YCP fans would be to see the bright smile on Jagan’s face as he is greeted by his followers in London.

This is the first pic of Jagan from his London trip and fans would be hoping that they get more of Jagan in casual attire as the YCP chief is on a two-week long vacation.