Why JD Lakshmi Narayana Unhappy With Jagan

Jai Bharat National Party chief and CBI former director VV Lakshmi Narayana made some sensational statements against YCP boss and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy. He compared Jagan to Nero, Rome’s most infamous rulers, notorious for his cruelty and debauchery.

Speaking to mediapersons in Vizag, Lakshmi Narayana wondered how could Jagan leave the state embroiled in post-poll violence.

After the elections, violence broke out at several places and the state is in a confused state. In such a condition, the CM should be present to maintain law and order. How can he leave for foreign countries in such a condition, he asked.

“Does he think he is an Opposition leader? Does he think he has no responsibility?”

Lakshmi Narayana said that for the last one week, the state seems to be mired in violence. Leaders are leaving the party activists in lurch and leaving the country, he lamented.

Reminding that it was both a new crop season as well as the beignning of a new educational year, the former CBI JD said that there would be several decisions that the CM should take at such a time. At such a time, how can he leave the state for weeks together?

Is it time for a vacation, he asked.