Intelligence Report: Violence In Pithapuram On June 4

Pithapuram is one of the most attention-grabbing assembly segments in Andhra Pradesh as it has the candidacy of Pawan Kalyan. With so much attention comes untoward adversaries and the same has been warned by the Intelligence Department.

The Intelligence Department has reportedly warned the EC that there could be violent riots in Pithapuram on the counting day, June 4th. The EC has been advised to take necessary action to curb the possibility of any such incidents by using additional security troops.

Pithapuram has Pawan Kalyan and YCP’s Vanga Geetha in the contest and it is expected to be a closely fought segment. The tensions are flaring high from all quarters in this assembly segment.

The chances are that both Pawan Kalyan and Vanga Geetha will be in Pithapuram on June 4th, so the followers of both parties will be highly active. This is when things can get out of hand and the same has been warned by the Intelligence Department, say reports.

The EC has reportedly asked the police department to keep a close eye on the individuals who committed poll violence in this segment. These people could be detained on the counting day in order to curb the possibility of more such violent incidents. Going by all this, we can easily understand that this is by far the most intense electoral battle in Andhra Pradesh to date.