Modi Warns Corrupt People

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made some sensational comments yet again.

After failing to fulfil his promise of depositing Rs 15 lakh into the accounts of the common public, which has been brought from foreign countries, hoarded as black money by corrupt businessmen and politicians, now, he says that he would not leave any corrupt people to roam free in the country.

Modi was addressing a public meeting at Purullia in West Bengal, which would go for polling on May 25 in the sixth phase of the general elections.

Modi said that he would ensure that those involved in graft were booked and jailed. “This is my guarantee,” he said.

He exuded confidence that the BJP-led NDA would again form the government at the Centre after June 4, when counting would be completed.

Then all the corrupt people will have to spend their entire life in prisons, he said.

Though Modi said that he would guarantee that corrupt people will not remain scot-free, there was criticism against few other unkept promises which he made during the previous elections like making the MSP legal and checking atrocities on Dalits.

The Prime Minister also spoke of the discrepancies between the promises made by the Trinamool Congress and the party’s actions, particularly highlighting issues of water scarcity, reservations and corruption.

On reservations, Modi accused the INDI alliance of attempting to undermine the rights of Dalits, BCs and tribals. He asserted, “TMC and its allies want to take away the reservations given to Dalits, backward classes, and tribals.”