Jagan Ane Nenu, Chandrababu Ane Nenu: Vizag Or Amaravati?

The fate of Andhra Pradesh for the next five years is safely locked and loaded in the EVMs that will be opened on the 4th of June on the day of counting. As D-day stands 2 weeks from today, we are hearing multiple theories and speculations on the swearing-in ceremonies of Jagan Mohan Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu.

Both YSR Congress and Telugu Desam camps are supremely confident that their respective party heads are becoming the CMs.

YCP has put a step ahead and has announced that Jagan will take charge as the CM on the 9th of June in Vizag. Botsa Satyanarayana and YV Subba Reddy have publicized this news in front of the media.

Telugu Desam is also extremely confident about this as Raghu Rama Krishna Raju has come in front of the media and said Chandrababu is confirmed to be the next CM. He said Chandrababu will take charge as the CM in Amaravati anytime after June 4th.

This tall claims from YCP and TDP has resulted in confusion on whether the next CM’s swearing-in will be in Vizag or Amaravati. If It’s Jagan Ane Nenu, the host place will be Vizag, and if it’s Chandrababu Naidu Ane Nenu, it is likely to be Amaravati.