TV9 Denies Rumors of Takeover By Jagan’s Sakshi!

For the last couple of days, rumours were rife that TV9 Group was taken over by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s owned Sakshi Media group.

This is after some images or a video of Nemani Bhaskar reportedly visiting TV9 went viral on social media.

Nemani had served as Sakshi TV’s CEO and also moved to AP government Advisor. Nemani is considered close to CM Jagan and Sakshi’s management.

This led to widespread speculations that Nemani would be replacing TV9’s Rajinikanth and TV9’s management would see a change in its top leadership.

But refuting these rumours strongly, TV9 gave a detailed clarification by taking to X (formerly Twitter). TV9 made it clear that the rumours are baseless and have no truth.

In a long post, TV9 said it has huge plans and all set for global foray. TV9 said it is a professionally run media organisation with some of the “best and most innovative editorial, product, and marketing initiative”.

With TV9’s clarification, let’s hope that speculations and rumours will end. Meanwhile, all eyes are on June 4th, the Results Day for Elections 2024. AP Elections and Telangana’s Lok Sabha elections results are awaited.