BJP All Depends On Naidu After June 4th?

Earlier last week, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu went to Varanasi for the nomination of Narendra Modi. Naidu was one of the select few guests for the event along with Pawan Kalyan. Notably, the BJP gave top priority to Chandrababu at the event and there is a pic that is going around, in which we see Chandrababu seated alongside BJP bigwigs.

As it turns out, the BJP understood full well that Chandrababu is the saving grace for them in the current political scheme of things. This was understood when a reputed national media outlet commented that Andhra Pradesh is the only prospective state for the BJP alliance outfits while other states are not so great in terms of political fruitfulness.

Political analysts are now of the opinion that the central BJP might have understood this dynamics and that is the reason why they gave top priority to Naidu. This is to be comprehended if we look at how Naidu was seated alongside some of the biggest names of BJP including Modi, Amit Shah, JP Nadda and others.

Analysts are saying BJP knows that a senior statesman and hard worker like Naidu is the need of the hour for the alliance at the moment and this is the hidden story behind the TDP chief’s prominence in the Varanasi event.