New Speculation On RRR – Home Minister Or Speaker?

Raghu Rama Krishna Raju is one of the chief instigators of the anti-incumbency wave against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The former YCP MP had been at war with Jagan for the last five years and was outrightly targeted by the YCP high command. He was even arrested and allegedly tortured by the AP CID when he attempted to come to AP.

RRR patiently waited for the right time and he joined TDP right before the election. He secured TDP’s safe and sound seat of Undi, where he is nearly confirmed to win by a huge margin. Now that this is sealed, there is a lot of speculation on the cabinet berth that RRR will be getting once the Kootami forms the government.

While there has already been a murmur that RRR might be made the AP speaker, there is a new commotion going around and it says the rebel leader could even be made a home minister.

If RRR actually becomes the home minister, it would present him with the opportunity to hit back at all his detractors who venomously planned in such a way that RRR wasn’t even allowed to freely enter AP. If this becomes reality, it would be a really tough pill to swallow for Jagan himself, commented a hardcore RRR follower.

On a related note, Raghu Rama is also extremely confident about forming the government with the TDP+ alliance. He said YCP will become irrelevant in AP after the 4th of June when the results will be out.