Jagan’s swearing-in At AU Grounds, Hotels Booked!

Right from the day of the polling, both Telugu Desam and YSR Congress have been attributing the high voter turnout to their own gains. While TDP argued the high turnout is due to anti-incumbency, YCP argued this is due to the pro-welfare stance taken by their government.

In the midst of all this, there are reports that the YCP leaders is setting the ground for Jagan’s second swearing-in ceremony. According to national media reports, Chief Secretary Jawahar Reddy has asked officials to scout for land arrangements to hold Jagan’s swearing-in ceremony.

As per reports, YCP top brass is contemplating that Andhra University Ground would be the right place for Jagan’s swearing-in. Related arrangements are being made here.

On top of that, YCP troopers are said to be booking the top-rated hotels and villas in Vizag for the 8th and 9th of June, coinciding with YCP’s talk that Jagan’s swearing-in could be on the 9th of June.

After looking at this, a few TDP activists on social media are saying all this hungama will only end in humiliation if YCP loses power. TDP ecosystem, on the other hand, is saying Chandrababu’s swearing-in ceremony will be in Amaravati.